When I have the flue, I fell the worst. I can not stop because I am a mom so I have to continue doing my everyday routine. Felling my worst makes me nag (a lot!!!). That has as result none of my family members to put up with me. So, I try to take care of my self as much as I can. The good thing about having the flue ( if there is a good thing) every time I lose 3-5 kilos!

1# Drink up! Flu can leave you very dehydrated. So you have to drink a lot of water and fluids with electrolytes. Especially if you vomit and have diarrhea. Electrolytes, you can buy them from the pharmacy. Most of the time they come with orange flavor and vitamin C. It will help you a lot if you are drinking juices, to not loose on your vitamins.

2# Esspreso, please ! Most people will tell you not to have caffeine when you have the flue. For me, espresso is my energy bust to take care of the kids, cooking, mild cleaning. Also, I am light headed when I have the flue, caffeine helps me not to faint.

3# Soup coming right up! Soup will do wonders for your scratchy throat. Make you feel better. Warm and fuzzy on the inside. My top favorite is chicken soup & cream of mushrooms. Up until now, I do not know a good soup place that can deliver in Doha. So if your friends offer to bring you soup, do not say NO.

4# Take a hot shower and wash your hair. When your sinus is going crazy, and I just leave a trail of tissues whenever I go. I have a hot shower and wash my hair. It relaxes mussels and feels rejuvenated. Also, my nose gets unclogged for good 5 hours. Magically after the shower you either sleep or continue with your day. The chose is yours.

5# Whenever you have a little bit of time. Sit down, if you have a nap even better. When you have the flue you need to rest as much as possible. You will feel better. Your body makes a lot of effort by fighting the flu virus and continue moving all around, working.

Keep in mind that you need to visit your doctor and give you the proper medicine so you can recover quickly. Furthermore, with medicine, you are not exhausting your self. Because if you were not completely healed from the flu, and with not the right medicine, you will have something more serious like pneumonia.

Try to stay safe! and let me know about your flu remedies?

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