For most of the people, the phrase ‘Male Vanity’ is an oxymoron like ‘fun run’ (there is nothing fun about running!). Society is still associated vanity with women. But first what is vanity? Vanity is a word that it is used often to describe a woman that does not want to let go of her youth.

I personally believe that men were vain from the cave man up until now! Just think about it. We see it in nature all the time. For example peacocks. The male is the one with the magnificent feathers, with all the amazing colors, and yes the female is the other one. We learned in biology that in nature the male has to attract the female in order to have offsprings and continue the spices.

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In the human species, is the same, they have this urge to look attractive to a woman. So they can be selected for mating and have a family. To continue my theory, with years….the Greek mother was formed. That one day said to her little boy “you are perfect the way you are! And your wife will be a lucky girl just to have you”! So this specific species of men stop trying!! Some of them they bearly shower. The GREEK  MOM has brainwashed them all this year of there “perfection” that when they go out in the world. And ask their friend (that he is the same pathetic single man full of acne) why girls like Angelina Jolie do not find him attractive. Sweetie!! because you are not Brad Pit, you are just Babis that bearly showers and never wears deodorant/perfume.

I just had to say that because when I moved to the UAE with my husband, I was astonished at how well-groomed all men are. They are waxing for hygiene reasons, shaping their eyebrows, maintaining a well-groomed beard, getting monthly haircuts, wearing all this amazing perfume that is waking up all your senses. It is very nice to see a man care about his appearance and how he smells. But if my man spends more time in front of the mirror than me, then we have a problem.

It is no coincidence that narcissism was named after a man Narcissus, ( in Greek mythology)  that only cared about the way he looked.

Dylan Jones the Editor of GQ magazine said ‘ The men’s grooming industry it is still in its infancy, but it will be huge’

In all seriousness, Sociologist believe that when the metrosexual man appeared around 1994, a lot of men were set free to express there vanity. Men fashion started booming, male beauty products started appearing (in UK male skincare market is worth 46 million). Plastic surgery with implants for men and last but not least on 2008 Jean Paul Gaultier launched his male makeup line called ‘aesthetic enhancement’.


Men today are more comfortable to be seen in a dermatologist clinic for their acne, skin discoloration, hair loss. They are more open to finding a solution, instead of just accepting it. Plastic surgery clinics are reporting a rise in business with men in order to slow down their ageing process.  Furthermore, they see all these men in the movies like ‘Wolverine’ That the protagonist change his body within 6 months with only exercise. Everyone that has tried to change there body just with exercise, it does not happen in 6 months, it is a long and painful prosses that will take you years. So all these mega stars turn into liposuction, for faster results. A lot are having laser hair removal, like most of the athletes nowadays.

There is a theory that men are acting this way because of work. Let me explain. Men at work, which is a highly competitive environment. Want to look young and the same time with more work experiences than there younger colleagues.

Do not get me wrong I am not opposed to all that. I believe that if you want to change something in your body for you! Do it! For me, real beauty comes from within. I love everybody uniqueness. There is a sense of perfection in imperfections. And that is far more interesting for me.


*I did not have images for this subject so, I used from google images.

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