Chicago is voted as the best place to enjoy life, and I will agree. Every year with my husband we have a culinary vacation! This type of vacation is the most fun for me. We go from casual dining to fine, high-end dining. My husband is an Executive Chef. When I meet him he was still in culinary school. One of the things that made me fall in love with him was his perspective on food. It was not just dinner, it was a dining experience. With every little tavern or restaurant that we visited. He showed me how to pay attention to flavor, to textures, how flavors are combined, telling apart the spices and when something is overpowering the original flavor if it is store-bought or made from scratch.

Qatar Airways made it easy to have a direct flight to Chicago. 15 hours flight!! Daily.

Is it a pleasant flight? I will put it this way. I can not afford business or first class. So I fly economy.  The chairs are not very soft. The food does not excite me at all. The entertainment was state of the art and it is the most enjoyable when I fly with Qatar Airways. We landed in Chicago and I immediately fell in love. The people are so friendly, despite that fact that violence has increased 40% and there is a gun shouting every day. Furthermore, when you enter any business or public transportation there are signs that forbid guns inside. I personally believe that all guns should not be used. If people had much more acceptance for one another, then we would never use guns.


The architecture in Chicago is so unique. Around you, there are modern skyscrapers and medieval buildings. That somehow co-exist.




Also, we visited the millennium park with the metallic cloud, a landmark in Chicago.


The restaurants we visited where:

D4 Irish Pub: Serving Irish inspired modern favorites with a homemade flare mix of traditional and modern design. A vast collection of craft and imported beers, wines, scotch, and whiskey.


Yolk: New and creative breakfast with specialty juices, and there own privet label of premium coffee. Food made from high-quality ingredients and offered at a reasonable price. Traditional comfort food up to create new culinary innovations.

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img_6604  img_6560


Michel Jordan stake house: apparently Michel Jordan is enjoying stake a lot that decided to open 3 restaurants Chicago, Connecticut and Washington. The meat is of excellent quality and grass fed.

img_6549 img_6553

Kanela breakfast club: Local organic and flavorful approach to a Greek-influenced American breakfast and lunch. The name means cinnamon in Greek. Everything is cooked from scratch. A refreshing take on mama’s recipes.

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Beatrix: a neighborhood coffeehouse restaurant. The menu features healthy delicious options and also includes an iconic pastry counter including signature cookies and in-house bakery favorites.

Pizza Uno: The Uno story begins in Chicago in 1943 when Ike Sewell developed a deep dish pizza and opened a new type of restaurant. He served a pizza unlike any that had been served before. Very buttery, crust that had a tall edge like a fruit pie, with authentic Italian spices and quality tomatoes and a lot of cheese. He baked it for nearly an hour.


Would I go back to Chicago? Definitely!  Relocating to Chicago? I may have to sleep on it. Now that I have my family all I want for them is to be safe and healthy. Qatar is got me covered on both. So I would prefer to stay in Qatar for now and go for a foodie vacation volume 2 in Chicago!


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