The Health Benefits of Owning A Cat

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They are magical to watch, independent, affectionate. In Ancient Egypt, they were worshipped as Gods. (And my cat still expects it from me!)

They require much less attention than dogs and often keep to themselves. Owning a cat or (even better) a kitten can provide multiple benefits for your health.

 It is well known and proven by scientists that cats neutralize negativity. Cats can change the negative load to positive. You will usually find cats in the kitchen because all the electrical devices create a negative load.

IMG_7553 (1)

Owning a cat can trigger soothing and calming chemicals in the body. This chemical that the body releases is known as oxytocin. This hormone is known as introducing feelings of love and trust. People going through difficult times of grief, mourning and depression report that petting a cat helps them release all this negativity and getting grounded easier. Cats help them work out there feeling because it is easier talking to a being that will not judge you and just show you, love.  The fact that cats are low-maintenance helps you reduce your stress levels.  Cats due to there calming presence help there owners maintain a low blood pressure. Humans tend to mimic from there environment, so if you leave in a calm environment then you will act calmer.  A study conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute in Minneapolis have shown that those who do not own cats are 30-40% more likely to die of heart attacks.

Cat ownership provides a natural conversation starter and can enhance the owner’s ability to socialize. A study has revealed that women are more attracted to men who owned cats because cat ownership often suggests sensitivity and intelligence. Owning a cat reduces the feeling of loneliness.  If you have kids a cat is a great pet to teach you child Empathy, that is how to tune into other being’s feelings and needs. Furthermore, a cat is the perfect pet to teach your children Patience, As cats tend to be quiet solitary in nature your child will need to learn how to sit tight and relax until his furry friend is ready to play.

If you would like to own your own cat you can contact QAWS at 55396074 or and give a home to a loving furry friend. I adopted mine in 2015 and he is amazing. My daughters best friend that helped her understand boundaries and respect.

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