What Do Women Carry in Their Bag?

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In a one-word answer ESSENTIALS.

 It has been a mystery for many men and little kids of what is in a woman bag. So I will talk about what it is mine.  Since I remember myself I was always caring a bag with me, and it was always heavy!!! Since I became a mom I realized that in my bag there is always room for small toys, baby wipes, and a color pad complete with colors.

Women tend to carry so many things in case we need them (and let me tell you a secret, we need them as soon as we remove them from the bag)

So let’s start:

  1. Mints / Gum that is usually scattered in your bag.
  2. Cell phone because you cannot do without it and you love it, even more, when it rings or get a txt!
  3. Makeup kit with the fundamentals: lipstick, mascara, blush, eye-pencil.
  4. Mirror !!! women who do not carry one are dead (RIP)
  5. Loose change. I guess we like them jingling or the pleasure of “finding” money lying around.
  6. Moisturizing cream/lotion, without it there is no reason carrying a bag!!!
  7. Sunglasses because it is always sunny in Qatar.
  8. Lighter and cigarettes. Because with it coffee and scandal are much better.
  9. Nail file. Because nails tend to break and you need to even everything out so your day can continue.
  10.  Receipts !! because moms are the “personal buyer” for all the members of the family and that’s how you end up with a ton of receipts that when you remember to “dispatch” them your bag feels much lighter.
  11. A little pen pouch and a pad. No matter how old you get you always remember your school years and how carefree they were.
  12. Baby wipes after you become a mom and discover that you can clean almost everything. You carry them around forever.
  13. Deodorant in pocket size. You can find it at Sephora under the Sephora brand or if you are in Greece at Hondos Center.
  14. Keys – Every woman loves opening doors.
  15. Business Cards, because you take pride in what you do!
  16. Wallet – because what you do pays off.
  17. Toys to entertain.
  18. Reading glasses, which you end up not using them while reading and just carry them around.
  19. Battery bang for your phone. Life is over when your phone dies on you.
  20. Hair Ties/bobby pins. Basically, save your look on a bad hair day.
  21. A bag of almonds it is good to have when you and your kids want a snack full of protein to boost your energy.

2 Replies to “What Do Women Carry in Their Bag?”

  1. “The moment you remove something from your bag, that’s when you will need it”! That is so true! Agree on the whole list, maybe add a flashlight. Thank you for the informative and fun list!

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