According to Wikipedia a Mother is a female parent of a child.

Since you are a child growing up you understand the significance of the mother figure. She is the first person you turn to when you are happy, sad, angry, lost, hungry, sleepy, woke, rejected. Via your mom, you understand concepts such as cooking, how food should taste. Cleaning and maintain your house clean according to the seasons. She inspires you in fashion, womanhood and, the very important social does and don’ts!

When you become a mom you realize it is a whole lot more than that. When a child comes in your life, it does not matter if you have given birth or adopted. Changes you forever!

It changes the relationships you have with everyone around you including your own mom.  It adds a new role or “career” in your life and it is the most important one. So suddenly you are not Georgia anymore you are Nicki’s mom. You find yourself for the first 5 years of your child life to get a bit lost in that new and exciting role, forgetting who you are.

You realize that you have become someone that is a mom, someone that prefers yoga pants than actual pants, sneakers than heals. No make-up, until you catch your reflection in a mirror, looking like the walking dead because mommy “career” comes with many years of sleep deprivation! So make-up slowly gets re-introduced in your life. You do not feel so guilty anymore when you give time to your beauty.

Understanding that along with math, spelling, science, it is very important to teach your child to be human.  Respect nature. Have acceptance of the people, cultures, religions around her.  Tring to teach that the importance of being kind.  Kindness plays a significant role in improving the quality of your relationship.  Teaching your little one never stops because every day you also learn something new.

For me the biggest realization – disappointment was that she is getting older instead of staying my baby forever.  So I slowed down from running and try to enjoy every moment with her. I look at her baby pictures now and then and it feels that she is just slipping throw my fingers.  I guess my mom feels the same for me. I am 40 years old and she continues to treat me like I am 4 years old!!


Wishing every mother or mother to be, to really enjoy the proses and the time of living the biggest role – “career” of your life.



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