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My love Niki,

I am so happy that I see you evolve every day to the person you would like to be when you grow up.  Your progress at school is amazing. Your teacher yesterday was telling me how much your reading and spelling has become very good and your vocabulary is getting richer.

So now that you are becoming better and better academically, you have noticed that I make spelling mistakes.  It is not because I did not go to school, because I have a Bachelors of Arts in ‘Art History’. And yes!! Prince William studied the same, that is how people started paying attention to that Major.

My spelling and grammar mistakes are due to Dyslexia.

Dyslexia in simple words is when the 2 halves of your brain have a problem in communicating. Dyslexia is basically on your ability to remember rules about grammar and spelling. When people with dyslexia read, usually they read the first part and last part of the word & ‘imagine’ the middle.  Dyslexia also follows you in math and especially algebra. On the other hand, in geometry, you are a star!!! Because due to dyslexia you understand shapes better.

This is hereditary. It is passed throw your genes. I got it from your grandparents, but for me, it was triggered by relocating and changing schools. So in first and second grade, I did not have any issues, but when I started changing schools and countries it becomes worse.

I did not find out it was dyslexia until I was 16 years old, up until then I thought I was just stupid. Even though I loved school so much, I was not like my schoolmates. No matter how hard I studied every day, my grad where bad. Or in best case average.

When I was examined by experts and told me I had dyslexia, I was so happy and regained my self-esteem because I was not stupid!!! I just had a different way of learning.  My grades change drastically because I had my test orally and that was fantastic for me.

When I went to University it was even easier to take my tests. Up until now in all this journey with dyslexia, it helped me a lot using technology, because by typing each letter you ‘see’ the words. Furthermore, spell check, brought my mistakes down 80%. Also now there are a lot of App for dyslexic*.

All this time 3 things I never stopped doing read, wright, & math!

Of course, I meet people along the way, that told me I am not good enough, I will never finish school, I am lucky if I ever find someone to marry me and be a housewife.

When you isolate yourself from all this ‘noise’ (as I call it!) and you find the courage to see yourself for what it is. Organically you comprehend the power that you OWN & can do whatever you imagine.

There is a voice inside you speaking your truth and your dreams. My advice LISTEN TO THE VOICE!!! The journey is not going to be easy but totally worth it.


Always love you, my angel.


*Apps for dyslexia: https://blog.dyslexia.com/9-free-apps-and-resources/


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