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Since I moved back to the Gulf and saw how Arabic women take very seriously their beautification. I could not help it but to love it and follow. Whoever knows me, knows that I am an eyelash fanatic. I do an eyelash extension 2wice a year with 1 re-feel because I am afraid I will damage my natural lashes.

On the rest of the time, I just put on fake lashes, like any other woman. It is amazing how lashes light up your face, make your eyes look bigger. Long lashes are considered a sign of beauty in many cultures. Women are painting the eyelashes black since the beginning of time.

So even though I love fake lashes they are not so practical or cheap to use daily (even if you clean them and re-wear them). Fortunately, they are some solutions offering treatments that provide a more permanent solution than a set of false lashes.

I know about the magical powers of lash extensions. Lash lifts are just as metamorphic and way less overestimated, and we have no idea why. They instantly make your lashes look so much longer and fuller plus they are cheaper and request a lot less maintenance from extensions.

Let’s talk price:

To be honest your favorite mascara is much cheaper! Lash lifting is defiantly the less expensive option. A lash lift with tint will typically cost 200qr – 250qr. With keratin treatment 350qr, and usually last 8-12 weeks. At some point, new lashes will begin to replace the treated set.

Extensions, however, cost from 400qr-1000qr and only last between 4-6 weeks. Depending on how you take care of them. Lash lift is also low maintenance because you do not pay to be re-filed after 3 weeks & that will cost you 250qr -300qr.


The lift lash appointment usually, takes 1 hour with tint. On the other hand, lash extensions take 2 hours to 2 and a half. Both treatments they do not hurt but feel a bit uncomfortable.

Getting ready for the appointment:

You should be make up free! & without contact lenses. Also if you are wearing waterproof mascara, you should stop wearing it a week before your appointment. Because it leaves a film on your natural lashes making it harder for the technician to style them.


After your lash lift appointment or lash extensions, you need to avoid makeup getting in your lashes & a steam environment. You should not swim.  For Lash lifts, you are advised to condition them with condition serum (the one from NOUVEAU LASHES will cost around 75qr) and you can wear mascara.

For lash extensions, on the other hand, to make them look good you need to comb them so they do not get twined. You can’t rub your eyes. You can’t sleep on your face, and you can’t get them wet. You should not use any oil-based products and when you take your make up off you have to be super careful not to rub your eyes.

Both lash extensions and lash lifts make a huge difference to your eyes. Extensions definitely add a more dramatic transformation. Lash lifts look much more natural and we love to get them tinted at the same time to maximize the effect.

The lady that did my eyelash lift for those of you that leave in Qatar, is

Facebook: Lynzi Bramston

Instagram: @atouchofbeauty_bylynsey

She will really take good care of your lashes and make you feel very comfortable. The pictures below are fro my appointment with Lynzi.

Have you every tried eyelash lifting or eyelash extensions? which one you prefer?


  1. Having my lashes lifted is something I only discovered and started doing since I moved to doha at the beginning of 2020. What a game changer! I don’t even bother with mascara anymore to be honest. I wouldn’t really see the point of eyelash extension because I think it would prevent me from doing too many things I enjoy doing.

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